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     In 2015, the founders of Folkway Lodge were brought together with the realization that the world was losing something. Every year, we rely more on technology to run our daily lives. The modern convenience of today's world, and the automation of today's society have made us forget the struggles of days gone by. We have forgotten the skills and knowledge our forefathers possessed, the things that made us self reliant. Fast food and frozen dinners, have replaced wild game and edible plants. Running water, electricity, and natural gas, have replaced water procurement, and the art of making fire. The ease of driving to the grocery store, has replaced the need to store goods and be prepared.

     The modern conveniences of this world are by no means a curse, yet our goal is to motivate our customers by promoting knowledge and skill sets that will allow us to retain the information and skills that the frontiersmen enacted in their everyday lives. With the proper tools, they lived off the land, using every resource in nature for their survival.

     Through our videos, and other media outlets you will find essentials to living, and entertainment through our adventures & experiences. In our shop will be tools and literature that will help provide you with what is needed to go out in the field. We will be hosting classes at different levels where we will be able to go in depth with bushcraft/woodcraft, frontier living, and preparedness.


We are excited to have you join in on our adventure! Live free, and God bless!