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Tobacco Pipe Refurbish and Repairs

Tobacco Pipe Repair

Tobacco Pipe Refurbish and Repairs


Tobacco Pipe Refurbish and Repairs

from 10.00

Have any of Grandpa's old pipes laying around? Or maybe one you have smoked for years, and desperately needs a makeover? Just send your pipes on over to us and we will make them like new again. 

Our list of services include:

-Ream & Clean (the inside of the tobacco chamber)

- Top Bowl & Refinish (sanding down the top of the tobacco bowl and refinishing with stain and/or wax.

- Sand Down & Refinish (the tobacco bowl sanded down, stained and/or waxed)

- Sand Down & Refinish with High Contrast (bowl sanded down, stained with a high contrast technique, and waxed)

- Stem Refurbish (stem sanded, cleaned, and polished)

- Complete Stem Replacement (replacing your old stem with a new stem, and style of your choosing.)

-**SPECIAL DEAL** Ream&Clean, Sand Down, Refinish, and Stem Refurbish.

Select one of the services from the dropdown menu. If several services are required, add them to the cart sperately, or contact us directly. Only filling out one address form is necessary.


(Note: pipe repairs are done at your own risk. We are professionals, but accidents are always possible, and weakened wood pipes may break.)




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