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Survival Essentials Seminar

Join us in Southern California's beautiful San Bernardino Mountain Range, for our 1 Day Survival Training Class. We will provide an essentials course to "smoothing it" in the wilderness. This is by no means a beginners only course, all skill levels and ages are welcome. We have many years of experience in the woodlands, and have adapted certain styles of frontier masters such as: Horace Kephart, George Washington Sears, Dave Canterbury, Lewis & Clark, Mors Kochanski, Ray Mears, and John Muir.

Classes in Southern California will start at $99 for the 1 Day  Essentials Seminar.  Email Us for current class availability


Tools made from steel, are the most difficult thing for man to re-produce in the wild. Yet, they are essential to  your survival in the woodlands. Axes, saws, awls, and a variation of knives are important to possess. We teach safe and proper ways to utilize these tools in the woods, so that a "life or death" survival scenario will become merely an unplanned camping adventure. Carrying these tools in the wilderness, and knowing how to wield them, will enable you to craft nearly anything you need from nature. We will focus especially on the knife and the axe, the most commonly misused of them all.

Packing For Camp/Gear Selection

There are thousands of choices to make when selecting gear to pack out on the trail. The criteria we use when selecting our own gear is: each item must have multiple uses, be durable, be minimal, and as lightweight as possible while still maintaining all other criteria. We will demonstrate not only how to select the gear you will need, but how to properly pack and carry it. Scavenging, by picking up precious resources as they are found on the trail, is also essential. It is key to learn how to prioritize your gear by separating need from want.



Fire is the most important key to survival. We demonstrate how to properly build a Fire for different situations, and how to maintain warmth for a long night. Learning primitive fire starting techniques are important, however, we will be focusing on first mastering: using a Sun Glass, Ferrocerium Rods, Flint & Steel striking, and lighters/ matches.


Part of our navigation segment is going over the basics of navigation using a map and compass. Terrain movement, declination, triangulation, Landmark navigation, and even night navigation,  are just a few things that will be discussed. Using our system with some planning, will help ensure you will never get lost in the wilderness, and find yourself in a life or death situation.